Cold Hollow Carbon: A Vermont Forest Carbon Cooperative for Climate Change Mitigation

Started Jul 6, 2021


Full course description

This case focuses on the development of a pioneering forest carbon aggregation project by Cold Hollow to Canada at the state and regional level, with implications for national and international forest carbon offset credit policy and practice. The project helps individual landowners of small forest parcels in Vermont overcome barriers to entering carbon markets by bringing them together in an aggregated project in which they maintain and increase carbon stocking levels across their forested parcels to generate carbon offset credits. The case assists forest carbon project developers, corporate and individual consumers, legislators and regulators, and other interested parties better understand the importance of aggregation in allowing family forest owners to contribute to climate change mitigation goals through participation in carbon markets. The development of the project itself, and the multi-sector partnerships required to make the project successful, has taken almost a decade. The project, which has had a positive initial response, may be adapted to or inform forest carbon projects in many locations around the globe, from Africa to the Asia-Pacific. 

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