Site Wind Right: The Emergence of Proactive Planning for Low-Impact Wind Power Sites in the U.S. Wind Belt

Started Jan 12, 2022


Full course description

This case focuses on the development of a GIS-based tool called Sight Wind Right developed by The Nature Conservancy at the state and regional level, with implications for national and international renewable energy siting policy and practice. The tool assists energy project developers, corporate and individual consumers, legislators and regulators, and other interested parties better understand where to best site new wind energy facilities and avoid conflicts with biodiversity habitat, principally in the central United States. The development of the tool itself, and the assemblage of the scientific knowledge required to make the tool useful, has taken about two decades and is still ongoing. Its deployment in the United States requires patience, persistence, and passion for biodiversity conservation and the emergence of a wind energy industry at a national scale. The tools, which has had positive initial response, is being adapted for use in many locations around the globe, from Asia to South America.

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